Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sustainable, Simple, Slow Living Blogs: Join the List

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I just found Sustainable Suburbia. This is a collection of sustainable living blogs: "There are many, many ways to change one’s lifestyle to make it more sustainable, from growing your own food to cooking from scratch to making your own clothes to going completely carbon neutral. Not surprisingly there are just as many different sorts of blogs which roughly fit under the sustainable living umbrella. Let’s gather as many of those blogs here as we can."

Why don't you consider joining as well? Some sites I have joined lately: Aussies Living Simply, Sustainable gardening Australia and Doing Something Good.

Each of these groups has a presence on Facebook and many have on twitter as well. In fact I found Sustainable Suburbia when Kirsten followed me and I had a look at her profile. I just love Twitter. Do consider joining up if you have a blog that comes under any of these headings:
  • Suburban and Urban Homesteading;
  • A Country Plot: Out of Town Homesteaders, Self-Sufficiency;
  • Parents Living Sustainably;
  • Frugal and Low Consumption Living;
  • Crafty Hand Made;
  • Real/SOLE Food;
  • It’s All About The Garden
  • General Slow, Sustainable or Simple Living 


  1. Thanks for telling us about these - I will definitely have a look.

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