Monday, August 13, 2012

More August sowing

This is what I planted this weekend:

Pontiac potatoes near laundry.

And in the cold frame: mum's cherry tomatoes, tomato periforme from diggers, tomato tigerella from diggers, cape gooseberry, yates tiny tim, yates sweet basil, pete's perennial chillies, country value rocket, johnson's tomato marmande, yates spring onion, brown's celery, yates butter crunch lettuce, brown's greenskin zucchini, brown's savoy king cabbage, gardners choice black beauty eggplant,  diggers sunflower, brown's dwarf bean, country value greenfeast peas, diggers 5 colour silverbeet, saved sweet bite tomato, mixed borlotti beans from Bob's permie course, painted ladt 7 year beans and Giant of Stuttgart climbing bean from David Nicholls in olinda, diggers imperieal star globe artichoke, diggers spacemaster cucumber, diggers sugar baby watermelon, diggers salsify (mammoth ssandwich island) emilly's saved pumpkin, bohemian saved pumpkin, something unknown saved this year, scotch bonnet chili and an unknown tomato saved this year.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August planting

Today I sowed seeds of parsnip, radish, peas, carrots and onions. I transplanted seedlings of rocket and savoy King cabbage.
Carrots, onions, parsnips and radish under the netting. In the front are seedlings of beetroot just coming up

Savoy King Cabbages transplanted

Rocket seedlings transplanted

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sustainable, Simple, Slow Living Blogs: Join the List

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I just found Sustainable Suburbia. This is a collection of sustainable living blogs: "There are many, many ways to change one’s lifestyle to make it more sustainable, from growing your own food to cooking from scratch to making your own clothes to going completely carbon neutral. Not surprisingly there are just as many different sorts of blogs which roughly fit under the sustainable living umbrella. Let’s gather as many of those blogs here as we can."

Why don't you consider joining as well? Some sites I have joined lately: Aussies Living Simply, Sustainable gardening Australia and Doing Something Good.

Each of these groups has a presence on Facebook and many have on twitter as well. In fact I found Sustainable Suburbia when Kirsten followed me and I had a look at her profile. I just love Twitter. Do consider joining up if you have a blog that comes under any of these headings:
  • Suburban and Urban Homesteading;
  • A Country Plot: Out of Town Homesteaders, Self-Sufficiency;
  • Parents Living Sustainably;
  • Frugal and Low Consumption Living;
  • Crafty Hand Made;
  • Real/SOLE Food;
  • It’s All About The Garden
  • General Slow, Sustainable or Simple Living 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Harvest Monday - the tomatoes have started

This week I was away at the beach for a bit so did not harvest so much. I have decided to keep a spreadsheet for the harvest (not sure how to arrange it yet - maybe you have a system and could let me know).

Today I picked 1.3 kg of cherry tomatoes but I also bought 2 tins of canned tomatoes before I picked as I did not think I would have enough for eating and salads as well as cooking. Won't be buying any more canned tomatoes now.  But I do want to preserve some of the harvest so I don't have to keep buying canned tomatoes. I also bought 2 kg of onions last week as I haven't had a lot of success with onions so far but will start again.

Here is some of the harvest: Some of the harvest

Monday, January 2, 2012

Harvest Monday: 2nd January

Today has been a scorcher: it was 38.1at 5:50pm and now is still 31 degrees. The garden is looking a bit wilted but I will get up early to water tomorrow as it is forecast to be hot again with a top of 36 and winds tending northwesterly up to 25 km/h before the change.
This year I will be devoting each Monday to a record of the harvest that week so here goes for the first week:

26/12: 1 kg zucchini, 5 eggs
27/12: 5 eggs
28/12: 350g carrots, 300g zucchini, 4 eggs, few leaves lettuce
29/12: 5 eggs
30/12: 500g carrots, 550g zucchini, 100g cherry tomatoes, 4 eggs
31/12: 50g Carliston green pepper, 300g zucchini, 100 cherry tomatoes, 5 eggs
1/1: 1 butter crunch lettuce, 1.5 kg zucchini, 4 eggs
2/1: 1.6 kg zucchini, 150g cherry tomatoes, 50 Carliston green pepper, 5 eggs
So that is

zucchini 5.2 kg
lettuce 1 butter crunch
carrots 850g
green peppers 100g
cherry tomatoes 250g
eggs 32
Wednesday 28th Dec Wed 28th Dec
Friday 30th Dec today's harvest
Sat 31st Dec another day's harvest
Sun 1st Jan 1.5 kg of zucchinis
Mon 2nd Jan Carliston green pepper Mon 2nd Jan 1.6 kg zucchini Mon 2nd Jan 150g cherry tomato Mon 2nd Jan

No gardening for nearly 2 weeks

I haven't been able to garden as I have burnt my hand and the garden is looking a bit the worse for wear. I am so looking forward to getting back into it again. I have been harvesting though and since I want to keep a record of  my harvest this year through weighing what comes into the kitchen and also taking photos, I will be recording each day's harvest in my Monday harvest blog post. So that starts tomorrow. Meanwhile I have recorded for posterity my badly burnt hand all bandaged up. It is healing now :)
Sore hand