Thursday, December 1, 2011

Potato Plans

Tomorrow I am going to plant potatoes. I know I can do this so late because I checked on Peter Cundall's year round guide. I will be able to harvest them between 3-5 months later. The potatoes I planted in April and June have not done so well and I am a bit disappointed. So I will try again. I have bought 1 kg of seed potatoes and I will record their growth and how they go.

Image attribution: Photo by Lynne "Potatoes"


  1. I planted a few Kipflers in a shady bed last August - and I am now about to harvest my fourth batch from that initial sowing. I have to say I have found the yields to be quite variable at different times of the year - the Spring planting being the highest yield and the Winter harvest the least successful. But then I'm not sure what the quality of the potatoes they are growing from is - they may have been tiny as I clearly missed them when harvesting. I do find Kipflers grow particularly well in my garden.

  2. So Liz, do you grow potatoes all year round? I want to have a supply from my own garden, but there is no way I get enough for a year if I plant big and harvest it all at once. Maybe succession planting is the way to go. That is what I am trying now anyway. And maybe I'll try Kipflers. The lot Planted today were Coliban and I forget what the one's I harvested today were - maybe Dutch Cream.