Saturday, December 17, 2011

An afternoon of community gardening

strawberry times...
Today we had our last session for 2011 at the Narre Warren North Community Garden. It was great. As well as admiring how much the plants had grown since last month, we were able to collect seeds, harvest, weed and plant. The lebanese cucumbers were ready for picking as was the rhubarb and some garlic, I scored some seeds of the Flanders Poppy which I have long wanted to include in my herbaceous border as well as some Moon and Stars Watermelon that someone kindly donated. I also bought a bale of straw at a great price which I shall use to cover my potatoes as they grow up our of the soil to increase the production of tubers. During the afternoon I sowed some bicolour sweet corn and I will look forward to seeing how it goes in the community garden.

As it was a hot day we also spent a fair bit of time chatting and sharing knowledge. I learned about the idea of compost tea for Peach leaf curl. We talked about where there were apple and plum trees on walking paths that we could harvest from to make some preserves. But I have the feeling that the week before Christmas is not the time for me to be doing any extra preserving.

I am looking forward to the next session at the Narre Warren North Community Garden in January. It is really satisfying to work on a common project together with others who live locally, especially when it's gardening.

Image: 'strawberry times...'


  1. I will be interested to hear how the bicolour sweet corn goes. Have you tasted it? If so; What's it like?

  2. No I haven't tasted it Liz but I will be checking it out and reporting on it when I have my first taste :)