Monday, November 21, 2011

My first Perm-apiculture meeting

Tonight I will be going to a meeting of the Perm-apiculture club a subgroup of Permaculture Melbourne. I am sure I will learn a lot and hope to update you all here afterwards.
Today I went out and bought some bee friendly plants so my bees won't have to travel as far as if I didn't plant them. I will plant oregano, geranium, thyme, chives, lemon balm and borage propagated from already existing plants from my own garden and lavender, agastache and alyssum from my trip to the nursery. I got the information on bee friendly plants from here among other sites. There were lots of sites for UK and US gardens, but the sites for Australia that I could find did not cater so much for the European honey bee as for Australian native bees. I am guessing that since the European honey bee evolved with herbs and flowers of common garden plants that I couldn't really go wrong with my list. I will be observing them in any case to see how they go. I know they have been loving the borage, raspberries and thyme so far. Till next time..ciao.

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