Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Front garden: before and after

In my efforts to make a garden that has lots of bee food I planted out lavenders, alyssum, thyme, chives, forget-me-nots, oregano along the footpath next to my retaining wall. This is what it looked like before and after. Yes I have a blister.
And after:


The meeting of the Perm-apiculture group was great. Lots of discussion of what people do with their bees and ideas of what I could do better. Just meeting people face to face after interacting with them online was so good. I do wish I'd joined this group before I got bees. I did have a look at the bees in my hive this morning from underneath and all is looking well so far. I really enjoyed watching this video and then looking at my hive. The video shows the colonisation of the empty beehive, then shows 3 months of activity (condensed into 2 minutes).

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