Thursday, February 3, 2011

The miracle of life

Just reflecting on the miracle of life. This pear tree had gone for ten years without and productivity for all the time we've been living at this house. Then this winter my sister Carmel pruned it, I removed the grass around its trunk and we've had an incredibly wonderful summer with lots of rain and warm weather. I don't know the reason but here is the result:

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  1. My goodness Jo, you have SUCH a green thumb. I am in awe. I've got three things growing- then I fractured my hand and couldn't do anymore digging: pumpkin, cucumber and Lebanese eggplant.
    The pumpkin is taking over the garden; what fun! I have about a dozen cucumbers growing, with one just about ready to pick.
    Eggplants- nothing. Not even flowering.
    My tomato plants in pots weren't very successful, 4 out of 6 got some sort of disease. But it's better than last year. the old house was completely in shade.