Friday, January 14, 2011

Some jobs to do and some of the harvest

Lots of tomatoes

Just got the new Diggers Summer Garden catalogue a few days ago. Just in time to spend my birthday money on stuff for the garden. Since Christmas I have collected 2 blueberry plants, a chervil, a valerian, mixed lettuce seedlings, spring onion seedlings, a Miss Donnington lavender, french tarragon, a Dianthus and society garlic. When it stops raining for a minute I am going to plant them.

When I get my order from Diggers I will have as well some Italian red garlic to plant next month, some rock dust fertilizer (don't know if it's any good, but want to try it out), some Allium drumstick bulbs, some anemones and some ranunculus. Lots of work still to be done and warm and wet weather makes for a lot of weeds. And of course the harvest is very good. Some eggs, beans, zucchinis and tomatoes.
The harvest

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